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Elegant & Simple Tea Service

Elegant & Simple Tea Service

• Teaware custom-designed to our proprietary specifications for proper tea brewing

• Exceptional teawares that deliver the rich flavors of our premium tea selection

• May we suggest the Simple Brew™
  - Provides stunning and enticing tableside tea presentation.
  - Balances superior quality of our tea with simplicity of service.
  - Durable and fashionable

Storing Loose Leaf Teas

Storing Loose Leaf Teas

• Rishi Tea's loose leaf teas and herbs are packed into 250-gram or 1-pound bulk increments for the freshest tea experience possible.

• Our bag sizes are designed to refill our airtight storage canisters, where the tea will remain fresh for a typical turnover of 30–45 days.

• Based upon the origin and style of packaging best suited to the tea, Rishi's teas will come to you packaged fresh in vacuum bags, nitrogen flush bags or simple sealed bags.

• May we suggest our Loose Leaf Storage Canister
  - Clasp-locking
  - Airtight and UV-proof
  - Hold all sizes of Rishi Tea packaging



• Showcase your tea menu with our beautiful presentation options.

• Tableside options present and inviting and engaging sensory experience.

• Display racks showcase the multitude of options available to your customers.